Crafting Elegance: The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Collection

Crafting Elegance: The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Collection

Our journey began with an unwavering love for timeless styles, sustainability, and the story of women who embodied a spirit of grace and beauty. Inspired by the evergreen allure of classic fashion, our latest creations, the Tulip Sleeve Polo and Fairway Wrap Skort, reflect a celebration of heritage, North American artistry, and the yearning for sophistication in women's golf apparel.

*Co-Founder Lauren bts in our recent photoshoot with @samanthamcleanphotography

The very essence of these pieces is a nod to vintage aesthetics and the modern woman's desire to infuse her wardrobe with elevated, easy to wear pieces. They are more than garments; they're a tribute to a bygone era when dressing well was a statement. Our goal is not just to produce clothes, but to craft an experience that resonates with the spirit of remarkable women.

Through meticulous craftsmanship and the use of sustainable materials designed for performance, we've strived to bring a new look and level of quality to women's golf attire. For all the Women we serve, golf is not simply a sport; it's a social event, a moment of connection with friends, a space to express your style. Our creations are designed to transition seamlessly from the green to the gathering, ensuring you always look and feel your best.

Every stitch in our garments speaks of our commitment to enhancing your golf experience. Offered in the most classic of colors Heritage White and Navy BlueThe Tulip Sleeve Polo, with its delicate and dainty detail, and the Fairway Wrap Skort, blends heritage charm with modern aesthetics, and are not just pieces of clothing. They are an invitation to join a community that truly appreciates the artistry of craftsmanship and the beauty and value of tradition.

*Co-Founder Lauren bts in our recent photoshoot with @samanthamcleanphotography
Charming Sally is not only about fashion, but about a connection between generations, a reverence for the history of dressing well, and a vision for the future that carries forward the legacy of classic style. Our creations are more than just apparel; they're an homage to the charm and elegance of eras before us, and a promise to continue celebrating this spirit in the contemporary world.

Join us in crafting your own story of grace and style, while you play, and après.

*Pre-Sale coming in time for Spring '24 & to elevate your {golf} style up for 2024


Greens & grace,

L & T xo

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