Cultivating a Lifestyle of Style and Sustainability

In the summer of 2019, fate brought together two kindred spirits, Lauren and Tanis, at a local golf club's 'Ladies Night' event. As they savored refreshing cocktails and shared laughter, the idea of uniting with like-minded golfers took root. Unbeknownst to them, this serendipitous encounter would not only foster a deep friendship but also sow the seeds of a shared vision set to revolutionize women's golf.

Their casual rounds soon blossomed into a cherished weekly foursome—a tradition that endures. Every week, they eagerly anticipate their golfing soiree, a delightful blend of tee-offs, cocktails, and the camaraderie that awaits at the 19th hole.

Beyond Golf, Beyond Business

But their connection transcended the fairways. As Lauren and Tanis spent more time together, they found themselves drawn to a shared dream. A dream rooted in making a difference, but one that held immense potential within the world of fashion.

Armed with a discerning eye for vintage styles and a profound commitment to maintaining golf's history and heritage, they took a monumental step in 2021. Enrolling in an intensive fashion workshop, with a focus on sustainability, they harnessed industry expertise and technical know-how. Their aim was laser-sharp: to venture into an underserved niche—women's golf apparel.

More Than a Sport, It's a Lifestyle

Their mission to bridge the gap in women's golf fashion swiftly evolved into something far more profound. Charming Sally wasn't just about clothing; it was about forging a community of women who treasured every facet of golf. From the attire to the game itself, to the post-game gatherings, it was a celebration of the complete golfing experience.

Today, Lauren and Tanis aren't just changing the wardrobe of women in golf; they're making a palpable difference in their local and neighboring communities. Through their weekly ladies-only golf clinics each Summer, they continue to nurture a supportive and vibrant women's golfing community.

Charming Sally is more than a brand; it's a movement, an embodiment of style, sustainability, and community. The joy of living a life well-lived while we play, and après.