It all started in the summer of 2019

Tanis and I met at a “Ladies Night” at the local golf club we belong to.  We had some drinks and participated in a little 3-Hole scramble with other ladies at the club and the golf pros who were giving us little tips on how to improve our games.  We had a mutual friend who also attended the event and introduced us.

Being new to the club we all wanted to find a group of similar level golfers to get out with.  A few outings later that year, lead to a weekly scheduled game (which we still continue to do).  We look forward to this day each week when we leave our homes, significant others, and children for a social night of golf and unwinding with a cocktail and a visit to the patio for some food after our round. 

We became friends

After knowing each other for a while we started talking about how we both wanted to start our own business.

We talked about the fashion industry, but really had no clue where to start.  We also had a keen interest in sustainable fashion after taking a closer look at the damage the fast fashion industry has done to our environment.  We toyed around with some ideas and went pretty far in the direction of sustainable women’s clothing when we enrolled in a workshop that stressed the need for us to niche down on a more specific market.  This is when we decided that it was going to be Women’s Golf Clothing.  It was perfect. We both saw a gap in the market for women’s golf apparel and we knew that we could bring fresh looks and sustainable choices to the industry.  

We became so passionate about it and haven’t looked back since.

We know that we've made the right choice.  

What started out as filling this gap in the women's golf apparel market, has quickly been turning into building a community of women who love the sport or are interested in learning more about it.  We are now working on support for this community in our own area with weekly ladies golf clinics and socials to introduce women to new like-minded women who like to socialize and play a little golf.