We Hired Lululemon Designers to Bring our Golf Dress to Life

We Hired Lululemon Designers to Bring our Golf Dress to Life


Believe it or not, Lauren and Tanis aren't trained fashion designers.  In fact, only one of them can even sew. So how did they launch a Women's golf apparel company without any technical experience in fashion?

They hired the best of the best.

After several months of trying to contract out their ideas while making connections {during a pandemic, no less} across the globe, these two entrepreneurs knew that their idea was a novel one, and who better to help bring it to life than the very Women who brought the term athleisure to our everyday.

Design Colours


Their inspiration for golf was like nothing anyone had seen before. Imagine beautifully designed, feminine pieces which were flattering on Women's bodies. Designed with soft, dainty details and silky soft, flow-y fabric and thoughtful features like tee holders and hidden pockets.

Styles which were inspired by those who came before us with a grace and respect for dressing well, that at times, now feels like a lost art.

But without performance, it would never work for sport, so they worked with their newly acquired design team to source and sample several fabric options which had to achieve their following non-negotiables:

  • It must perform (sweat wicking, sun protection, stretch, comfort)
  • It must be a better, more eco-aware solution for the planet
  • It could not feel like typical performance apparel (scratchy polyester)

Fabric & Features


Not only did Lauren and Tanis extensively research the golf apparel industry and trends, specifically with Women in mind, they could never find any clothing that felt like the styles they preferred in their everyday wardrobes: Feminine, classic, elevated. Designs that flattered a real Woman's body.

Every year, every Season, we saw the same styles with only slight modifications.

They turned to their growing Community of Women and asked them what they wanted, or better, what was missing, for Women in golf. With hundreds of responses, the path was clearer than ever - what Lauren and Tanis felt, Women all over the world felt. Women were simply a "second thought" when it came to golf clothing. Men, typically decision makers in golf apparel, took men's golf apparel and had the motto to "shrink it and pink it" for Women: boxy, boring, or obnoxious, was all anyone could find.

Women's Golf Glow Up


The St. Clair Golf Dress is truly one-of-a-kind. Designed with the social golfer in mind, you'll stand out during play and après - wherever your foursome takes you.

Teeing off in style, or enjoying a spritz  and fun with your girlfriends for a while has never felt as cute, classic and comfortable.

Après Golf

After 3 rounds of prototypes and samples, and a year in the making ensuring every detail was just right, this golf dress made it's soft debut in August 2022 to rave reviews...

St. Clair Golf Dress

"Cutest golf dress EVER!!!! I just need to say that I followed your entire journey to bringing this dress to the Women's golf market and was so excited to support your vision! The navy is a staple in my golf wardrobe and I've even worn it out afterwards for dinner & drinks. Something I would've gone home and changed for previously. I've had so many compliments whenever I wear it and am always "best dressed" out of my foursome! Favourite touch though is the tee holders! Adorable!!!"

"I just have to tell you how much I LOVE my dress! I was so excited to get it yesterday and I'll admit I was nervous. Because I am bigger, I often have trouble finding clothes that fit me comfortably. So I was thrilled when I tried the dress on it fits perfectly!! And the fabric is incredible! So comfortable."

"Driving to the course I felt like I was wearing nothing.....the fabric is amazing!!! And even though snug on top which I like....it felt like nothing...it is definitely one of my new favs!!! I had compliments on how elegant I looked....and that made me sooooo happy!!!"



Currently busily working on new styles in time for Spring 2023, Lauren and Tanis would love to hear from you! Send them a message

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Hi, I am The Head Golf Professional at Lacoma Golf Course in East Dubuque, IL. I would love to wear your golf dresses. Where do I buy them? Pketchum@lacomagolf.com

Paula Ketchum

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