The Story Behind Our Name: CHARMING SALLY

The Story Behind Our Name: CHARMING SALLY

Wanting to develop a brand and style with grace and deep heritage was always our plan. We had recently been introduced to the devastation that "fast fashion" has, and continues to contribute to our planet and wanted to help not only produce high quality, timeless classics for golf and life, but also to educate on the effects of over consumption.

As well, with the trend of golf apparel becoming louder, less demure and more revealing than ever, we felt the need to explore fashion roots and reimagine a wardrobe of flattering, feminine and versatile pieces which could be worn both to play, as well as celebrate life and friendships, après.

Golf, being a newer sport to both Lauren and Tanis, already made them feel out of their comfort zones. So when pressed with the difficulty and stress of finding clothing that represented their personal styles, while having to perform during their newest pastime, they knew there was an opportunity to offer Women an alternative to what was available to them.

When it came to choosing a name that truly represented their sentiment around golf's history and it's first Women, they came across a story of two married Women playing a match on the Bruntsfield Links in Edinburgh, with their husbands acting as caddies dated back to 1738.

The match gained enough attention and excitement that it was reported on in the Edinbugh paper, additionally making news in London, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas.

The event was won by a "charming Sally", though other than her first name, her identity is not known. 

Continuing to honor and respect the sport, the Women who came before them and the planet we all share are three brand pillars Lauren and Tanis work toward in every decision they make.

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