The Story of Us

The Story of Us

In the summer of 2019, Tanis and Lauren met at a “Ladies Night” at the local golf club they belonged to. The golf club hosted a couple of wine & scramble events each year where female members were encouraged to get out, meet other members and staff while becoming more comfortable with the game of golf. 

Being new to the club, they were eager to find a group of Women with similar skill level to get out and golf with regularly.  A few outings later that year, lead to a weekly scheduled game (which they continue four years later), and a group of friendships that continue to grow.

In the Winter of 2020, Tanis & Lauren began dreading another upcoming Season of painful shopping experiences in the name of "Women's golf fashion".  Each year all they could find were boxy, repetitive or obnoxious styles and patterns which didn't represent their, or the hundreds of Women they asked, personal style. With an interest in sustainable fashion, they went all in on filling a gap in the market for women’s golf apparel - to bring fresh & feminine looks and sustainable choices to the industry. 

It became their passion.

Now in their second season, what started out as strictly filling a clothing gap in the women's golf apparel market, has additionally become an even greater opportunity to build a community for Women, by Women through various local in-person golf & lifestyle events throughout Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Through their own positive experiences in golf, they are now on a mission to introduce new Women to the sport.  "Golf is so much more than just golf, especially for Women.  It gets us out of our comfort zone, teaches us that consistency puts us in the right spot at the right time, and allows for us to let loose and have some fun.  Golf is one of the only sports that can meet you where you're at, no matter your skill level or physical limitations - and if you've had enough one round, the cute outfits & socializing with friends, new and old, keep you going until next time" - Tanis, Charming Sally Co-Founder.

Greens & grace xo

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