Why We're Creating a New Golf Apparel Brand

Why We're Creating a New Golf Apparel Brand

As another golf season approached, the frustration of trying to find golf apparel with our age and personal style in mind, kept us feeling frustrated.  Turning to friends on social media - they too had the same frustrations and led us to the same stores and brands we had been shopping with for the past several years.  We had no choice, but bought the clothing anyway because...well, there was no other choice.

This year, we decided to stop and ask; "why?".  Why did we continue buying clothing that we really didn't love, but did anyway because nothing else was available to us?

We turned to the internet (as you would when you need to research anything these days), and came across many smaller "golf apparel brands" who claimed the same frustrations as we had, except most of them were based in the US (so shipping was astronomical), but we also felt like their styles were't really that much different than what was already on the market.

They were also made with only performance in mind.

So what about our true comfort and style?  If we feel comfortable by wearing styles that are true to ourselves, our everyday preferences, then we're going to feel, and look, comfortable on the course.  A place where getting out of our comfort zone shouldn't mean in our clothing - with bright and loud styles and colours!

Finally, because the clothing industry is one of the second largest polluters in the world, we're focused on finding solutions with function, stylish, eco-conscious pieces into the world of golf while building our first collection and brand.

Be sure to visit our website; charmingsally.ca and sign up for our email list! You can also follow along in squares on Instagram @charmingsally_ for more behind the scenes, community events, and collection launch updates.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to becoming fashion entrepreneurs dedicated to styles and a community you'll be proud to wear and support! 

We believe that by changing the way we play, can truly change the world.


Love, T xo

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