Why We Love Golf Dresses

"Golf Dress"

If you had asked us about golf dresses a year ago, we would have said that we didn’t like golf dresses. However, the reality was neither Tanis nor I had ever tried one.  Our typical golf attire consisted of the cutest short sleeve/sleeveless golf shirt we could find (which was a very difficult task), and a skort or pants, depending on the temperature. We tried to buy various tops that went with all of our bottoms, but coordinating an outfit when we’re often running out the door to make our tee time is never fun.

Enter - the golf dress.

When we decided to take a leap and create our own golf clothing line, we had to quickly decide what our first few pieces would be.  We polled our small audience and discovered that most people don’t own golf dresses, but most people said they had never tried one.  We wear skorts, but not dresses.

After finding out that most people don’t own or wear golf dresses (ourselves included), I thought maybe we should ‘X’ the dress we had slotted into our collection and go with something “safer” that would be an easier sell.  Tanis thought we should maybe take a chance on it, just make it wayyyyy better than any other golf dress out there.  Our designer thought the dress could be a very cool piece and also highly suggested keeping it in the collection.  I still wasn’t sure, but trusted their opinions.  Then I decided that perhaps I should try a golf dress out - see how they function, how they feel, how I feel when I wear one…. And let me tell you, I’m so glad I did.

Golf dresses are the best thing ever.  It’s the same reason I love any summer dress. It’s so easy to wear.  No more coordinating tops and bottoms, feel cute and feminine, and keep cool on those hot summer days.  The dress I chose as my first golf dress purchase was definitely different than most other golf dresses I’ve come across. It had more style than just an extra-long, shapeless golf shirt, like most of the ones I see at golf clothing stores.  It makes SO much sense now. We HAVE to make a golf dress.  Women need to know how amazing a golf dress can be.

We know it’s going to be some work to get it perfect, but we are ready to help bring the best golf dress EVER to market. 

Do you wear golf dresses? Have you tried one? Let us know!

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Yes!! Love golf dresses. I only own one so far but I love it. Super comfy, looks cute and it’s just easy! Can’t wait to see what you design. 💜


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