3 Reasons To Become A Golfer This Winter

3 Reasons To Become A Golfer This Winter

The Winter is coming - and the lack of active golfers with it.

So if you're curious about the game or are interested in learning to play golf once and for all, then the "Winter" season could just be the best time to learn!

Hear us out.

It's cold, dark, and not a heck of a lot else is going on in the northern part of the world.  But just like doing the work behind the scenes and transforming ourselves for when it counts, is the same concept we're eager to tell you about here!

So, if you're not a golfer yet, take note - these tips to get you out, and staying on the green have worked for us, and we're sure can work for you!


Getting you started on the right foot is going to make all the difference for your confidence and skill.  So when it comes to golf being so technical, lessons are where we recommend starting.

Lessons are definitely an investment.  Being able to jump into a group lesson format though, offers a discount, as well as a less intimidating environment than 1:1 instruction.

Bonus: you get the opportunity to meet other like-minded folks in your community to share your newfound skill and built-in buddies to golf with outside of your lessons!

If local to Windsor, ON, be sure to sign up to be added to our email list! This is where you'll be notified of our upcoming Golf Lessons {All Levels} coming this Winter and Spring 2022. This past Summer our clinics sold out in just 2 days.  Get on the list!


Lessons are great, but what truly makes us a "golfer" is to...golf.

Many people would say that an indoor golf simulator experience isn't quite like the real deal, but what it can provide that an outdoor experience can't is; data and feedback.  Not to mention great weather no matter when!

Data and feedback are great because it allows for you to understand where changes in your swing are making a difference.  Paired with instruction, it's putting you in the best position to be ready and confident for your next outdoor golf season.


In the words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn; "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

It's no surprise that those whom succeed have a group of others just like them cheering them on.

Finding your "tribe" of golf pals can make or break your commitment to golf.  Lauren and I have been playing with the same golf foursome for 3 years - we all started as complete beginners. Playing golf each week is a commitment we make to them, and to ourselves:  to catch up, golf and of course, enjoy a glass of wine {or more} at the 19th hole {aka the patio}.

Learning and continuing to play this sport can offer so much more than simply a weekly outing.  Golf has gifted us lifelong friendship, connection to ourselves, to a thriving community and the enjoyment of simply being in nature.

Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!


T xo




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