How To Host a "19th Hole Happy Hour" For Your Golf Girls This Winter

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Our Summer months in the Northern hemisphere have included golf for the past 4 years.

So when our golf courses close for the Season around November, by January, we are in serious need of some "Golf Girl socializing".

You know the kind; getting caught up on what's been happening in everyone's life, telling them about your new favorite skincare line, recommending your latest recipe and finding out all about Suzie from down the street who met a guy, went South for the Winter and is living the life of her dreams in the sun and on the golf course.  You go, girl!

There is no doubt that the Summer is when we get to hang with our Ladies the most - and you know why?  Because our tee times are booked and it's in our calendars.  It's very rare that we don't make it a priority and can't go.

So instead of continuing to lay low, and count down the days until we're back at our home course and all of our nearest and person -- we're planning a monthly "catch up" with our foursome!

Alright, let's get to the party planning!


If you're like us, the 19th hole is half of the fun when it comes to your golf game. We may even go as far as naming it the "reason for the season"...

19th hole definition

So, when you're missing your Ladies, we're all about re-creating the "19th hole" experience during the off-Season, too.

"Happy Hour" just sounds fun, and gives you an excuse to host a few of your friends, without the stress of planning for, and preparing an entire meal.  Especially if you're not a master in the kitchen, drinks and appetizers are definitely the way to go. It also keeps your get-together low-pressure and low-commitment for both you and your guests.



With any happy hour, you're first going to want to think about everyone's food and drink preferences.  Are they into charcuterie boards, chips with guac, or desserts?  

If you're having a hard time deciding, try going with a theme! Mexican, French, BBQ, then be sure you pair your stress-free, low to no-cook menu with your favorite Prosecco, wine and/ or beer - or easiest way to go -- a big batch pitcher of a favorite cocktail (or mocktail - and then guests can choose to add alcohol or not).



When your Ladies arrive, have a nice board or appetizer tray already prepared for immediate munching and drinks to offer.  We recommend buffet-style so everyone can choose whatever they prefer!



Finish off your appetizers with a nice salad that you've prepared with toppings that can be customized to everyone's preferences like; cheeses, proteins like chicken, tofu or shrimp, and top with fruit and dressings.  Better yet, support a local restaurant and serve something you ordered from them!



There's no doubt that there will be plans to schedule a second "19th Hole Happy Hour" before you get back out on the green this Summer.

Promise to choose a date each month until golf starts back up again and book it in everyone's calendar before closing out your Social and have everyone from your foursome rotate through hosting each date!

Before you know it, you'll be back to enjoying everyone's company again outside and on the patio.



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L & T xo



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