Why we Believe in Traditional Dress for Golf

Why we Believe in Traditional Dress for Golf

Golf is a sport with a long and rich history, and one aspect of the game that has remained constant over the years is the dress code. From the early days of golf, players have always been expected to adhere to a dress code that reflects the traditions of the game. While some may argue that the dress code is outdated and unnecessary, there are several reasons why we believe keeping tradition for dress in golf is still relevant today.

Golf's dress code is part of the overall etiquette of the game of golf. It is a sport that values respect, tradition, and sportsmanship and the dress code is a reflection of these longstanding values. By adhering to the dress code, players demonstrate their respect for the game, their fellow players, and the golf course on which they're playing.

While the party golf trend has more recently attracted a new generation of golfers and injected new energy into the sport, it is important to remember that golf can still be social and fun without catering to a "party" golf market. Golf has a rich history and tradition, and for many golfers, the sport is a great way to connect with nature, challenge themselves, and enjoy the company of friends and family.

There are many ways to make golf a social and enjoyable experience without compromising the values and etiquette of the sport with dress. After all, by dressing well, you feel, and often play your best.

Golf is undoubtably a unique sport that is steeped in tradition, and the dress code is one of the many elements that contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game. When players dress in well-mannered, elevated attire, they add to the sense of occasion and create a more enjoyable experience for themselves and their fellow players. Longer lengths, softer details, and feminine touches ~ it's everything we wanted to bring back to the sport.

As two social golfers, we found it difficult to find golf apparel which could check the boxes of flattering, feminine and functional. All we continued to find was loud, boxy, and completely void of what Women really felt great wearing.

We believe in keeping tradition for dress in Women's golf as it may just be more relevant today than simply following the crowd. While some may argue that the dress code is outdated or unnecessary, it is clear that it remains an integral part of the game of golf. Respect for sport, and in the way we carry ourselves.

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